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Julian (J in @eandjscoffee) and Koreanhoon met in June of 2017 at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. 🇰🇷

Koreanhoon was a student and tour guide at Yonsei University, showing Julian and friends where to go and what to do in Seoul. Koreanhoon then attended UC Santa Barbara with Julian throughout 2018. They have since traveled to Yosemite, San Francisco, and Los Angeles together.


Where will they go next?! 🥳


For now, please enjoy a satisfying, single-origin, farmer-friendly Brazil medium roast from Koreanhoon and E&Js Coffee collaboration. Julian is super excited to closely work with his best friend Koreanhoon. Please support E&Js small coffee business and your favorite creator, Koreanhoon.

When you purchase a bag of coffee, you will have a chance to receive an exclusive talk with Koreanhoon and Julian discussing life, events, and the future, all while they share a cup of one of Koreanhoon's exclusive-label new coffee roasts. Julian will show Koreanhoon how to make a *delicious* cup of coffee in less than 6 minutes at home.

Enjoying the coffee and the collab between best friends? Want to be a part of the coffee club? Buy a coffee subscription that includes personalized coffee classes with baristas, free coffee-making tools, and more. Holding a subscription for at least 3 months places you in the E&Js Coffee Club, where there are opportunities to get involved with us in the world of coffee, boba, chai, matcha, and more, whether it be as a customer or a contributor.

Link here to see what a subscription includes (besides the coffee). ... Also sign up at the bottom of the website to receive periodic send updates once in a while about exclusive drops or discount codes (not an annoying frequency).

Questions or want a discount code to other coffees? DM @eandjscoffee.

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