Why does it take 1 to 1.5 weeks for my order to arrive? I could just order a different coffee from Amazon and have it arrive within a couple days.. 

Good question! Amazon has "micro" fulfillment centers all over the U.S. As a result, the majority of commonly-ordered items are stocked in those fulfillment centers, making the distance between you and the product you want much shorter, decreasing the amount of time your item is in the mail system. 

In our case, although we are working to get our products listed on Amazon, for now we only ship from one fulfillment center. In order to grow to the point where we can be stocked in fulfillment centers across the U.S., we require your support and patience as a customer of our business! Once we reach a certain stage of our E&Js brand, we will roll out our products in partner channels, including Amazon and Walmart, that have access to more warehouses and centers across the U.S. Your support along with increase in coffee sales will allow us to decrease shipping time from around 1.5 weeks to less than 1 week!


Why do most, if not all of your coffees get roasted and shipped only once a week? 

Good question. The TL;DRthe coffee is roasted-to-order in small batches, to preserve quality/freshness.

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is higher-quality coffee beans typically roasted in smaller batches so that the roaster team can, again, focus on the freshness of the beans sold. If they roasted too many beans at once, that overflow would likely go into the next order, which discounts the level of quality and sets the roast date farther back than optimal for consumption.

Who even are you?

Lorenzo and Julian are health nerds, food lovers, and people who like to connect the dots over food & drink. We went to school together and have been ideating on what to work on together for years. We will always create, operate, and own a business that has purpose and love behind it.

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