Why don't you ship to good ol' Arizona?

We're taking AeroPress's lead on this: "Many Arizona cities require payment of a business license fee ranging from $10 to $100 per city, per year, if you ship to a customer in the city. A single $7 sale in just one city could trigger a $100 annual fee..."

Why do most, if not all of your coffees get roasted and shipped only once a week? 

Good question. The TL;DRthe coffee is roasted-to-order.

The reason for this is purely freshness, and the size of the roaster partners we work with. Most roaster partners we work with have one roasting & one shipping day per week, so we match that schedule in order to preserve freshness of the roast that's shipped to you. 

Micro roasters or teams with less than 5 people can ship more frequently as they control all operations, and don't have large wholesale accounts. Bigger roaster partners that potentially have a café or work with other wholesale accounts have to have a more scheduled roasting and shipping approach. We are working on different shipping options that align with our "roasted-to-order" mandate, and in the meantime provide free shipping to compensate for the wait time depending on when you order.

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is higher-quality coffee beans typically roasted in smaller batches so that the roaster team can, again, focus on the freshness of the beans sold. If they roasted too many beans at once, that overflow would likely go into the next order, which discounts the level of quality and sets the roast date farther back than optimal for consumption.

Who even are you?

Lorenzo and Julian are health nuts, food lovers, and people who like to connect the dots. We went to school together and have been ideating on what to work on for years. This is our first idea that is doable without raising outside capital, and we think we can serve people well.

want other questions answered? email us at hi@vibrantry.com and we'll get back to you within 36 hours.

Now what?


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Roaster Partners: (more info/roasters coming soon):
Kostal Coffee
Rose Park Roasters
Leivas Coffee
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