Remote, Virtual, WFH... People Matter 🚀

Team Building Activities 🎟️

Does your team enjoy 

Coffee, Tea, Games, & Prizes? 


They will love our team bonding experiences ❤️👇🏽


Company culture is significant and can be tested in complex times. 📈
As Ben Horowitz wrote, "Culture is not immutable."

We host a variety of team building activities that are foodie-friendly, inclusive, fun, and gamified, with prizes based on teamwork 🎉

"Sounds great; our team loves coffee ☕ in particular.
We need team bonding experiences. How do your events work?"

1) By taking our 5 minute survey below, we'll be able to cater our event options to your team.

2) We have 3 Main Tiers: Workshop, Interactive, and Influencer/Celebrity.

3) In each event, we teach attendees a new, trendy recipe and empower them to work together towards fun prizes 🎁.

4) You can even choose to mingle with another company in a collab event!

Improve your team dynamic 🤜🏼 🤛🏿  👩🏿‍💻🧑🏽‍💻🧑🏻‍💻

Teams who Zoom, Slack, Tweet, Superhuman, WhatsApp, and Vibe together, stay together.

People create the success your business experiences.

Let's reward them with an engaging, vibrant journey.👇🏾

We look forward to meeting your team!✌🏽
- Julian, co-Founder || julian at
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