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Team-Building Corporate Events 🎟️

that support your local, small businesses.

Does your team enjoy 

coffee, tea, matcha, boba, games, or prizes? 

They will love our team-building experiences ❤️👇🏾

Company culture is significant and it can be tested in complex times. 📈
As Ben Horowitz wrote, "Culture is not immutable."

Unfortunately, we can't all do this^ right now.

Q: How can we retain employee engagement and enrich remote experiences?

A: We host a variety of remote team-building events, holiday parties, and off-sites. Each event directly supports small businesses.

Q: Why Vibrantry? 

A: Vibrantry stands for Vibrant Pantry.

  • We believe a vibrant pantry promotes a vibrant life.

  • To learn food & drink is to learn cultural diversity.

  • Our events directly support small businesses, are remote-friendly, foodie-inspired, inclusive, fun, and gamified, with prizes based on teamwork 🎉



Testimonial from December, 2020:

Vibrantry Remote Corporate Events Testimonial

Most Popular Event Options:

Virtual Workshop

We teach attendees how to craft the perfect coffee, boba tea, matcha, or tea beverage. They learn alongside a professional barista, and are sent our original recipe eBook after the event in addition to contact info where they can always ask recipe questions. Attendees have chances to earn freebies from small food and beverage businesses throughout the event, especially in our unique remote work segment. julian @ vibrantry.com.

Interactive Class

We purchase premium coffee, boba kits, tea, or matcha kits from small business partners, shipping orders to attendees ahead of the event. Your team will craft barista-level beverages alongside a professional barista host in our workshop segment. Teams will then work together in a unique trivia-meets-scavenger hunt game that empowers remote collaboration. For more details, please email julian at vibrantry.com or call/text 805.666.2289 and ask for a one-pager.

We have logistics covered.

Let's brew something special for your team.

"Sounds great; our team loves coffee ☕ in particular.
We need team bonding experiences. How do your events work?"

Please take our 5 minute survey below.👇🏾

We'll then be able to cater our event options to your team.

Have a different use case in mind?

julian @ vibrantry.com or leave a voicemail at 805-666-2289

Improve your team dynamic 🤜🏼 🤛🏿  👩🏿‍💻🧑🏽‍💻🧑🏻‍💻

Teams who Zoom, Slack, Tweet, Superhuman, WhatsApp, and Vibe together, stay together.

People create the success your business experiences.

Let's reward them with an engaging, vibrant journey.👇🏾

We look forward to meeting your team!✌🏽
- Julian, co-Founder Vibrantry.com || julian at vibrantry.com
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