Coffee Chat, January 2020

Coffee Chat, January 2020

Why coffee? Is buying coffee online cheaper?

Why would I subscribe to something? What do coffee and a healthy lifestyle have in common? Organic? Fair Trade? Who? 

According to multiple sources via a quick Google search, about 50% of Americans drink coffee daily, with a article stating that the percentage of people that are drinking the beverage is at its highest since 2012. I would guess that one reason for this being the economic growth America has experienced since the last recession. More people have routines to take care of before they go out and accomplish more available opportunities.


People are caffeinated, and we thought that if we want to build a company around living in a healthy manner, we might as well start with one of, if not the first thing people consume during their day. Whether it’s solely in the morning, throughout the day, just for enjoyment, specifically to stay awake, to train more intensely, focus on studies without falling asleep, or what have you, we've been there. Coffee is easily one of the top sources of caffeine. In articles to come, we will speak to the controversial subject as to whether or not coffee is truly good for you, when it is best to have it, and other discussions.

At, Lorenzo and I think that people should have a variety when it comes to this source of energy. We want it to be a beneficial experience and a flavorful one. I had actually never had a specialty, (what I now call “real”) coffee roast until I wanted to start this business with my co-founder Lorenzo. We asked for  a few samples to make our first coffee videos, and I was blown away by the flavors I experienced! I had never had a drink like that.

He, on the other hand, has been around coffee in a creative & retail environment for years. After trying it, I do not see large coffee chains' beverages. I thought coffee was coffee. I was wrong, and I can't imagine the number of people who hold the same presumption I did. Plus, all of this is coming from a tea lover!

We want to remind coffee-drinkers, coffee-lovers, enthusiasts, and others that coffee can be much more experiential than something you have to put creamer/milk/alternatives/sugar in order to enjoy. The flavor profile, as described in all of our product posts, depends on many inputs such as origin of the fruit, the surrounding vegetation, the climate the tree is grown in, the season, the elevation of the tree, the ratio of shade to sunlight, among other details.

Our goal is to help folks rediscover coffee, make it their own experience.

We believe in a few things:

  • Vibrantry= vibrant + pantry
  • We offer products that promote a vibrant lifestyle.
  • We begin with coffee, a fruit grown on a vibrant tree.
  • Everyone deserves a better cup.

Through our featured roast discounts, pop-up events, videos, coffee how-to, guides, and write-ups, we intend to show more people that coffee is not just "coffee." It brings people together, gives folks energy, is the highlight of mornings, is the first step in moving forward, and is in millions of routines.

Let's make this experience a high-quality one and benefit the farmer who worked for that.

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