Attack on Titan "War Hammer Titan" Coffee Roast

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Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager War Hammer Titan

Attack Titan | Founding Titan | War Hammer Titan S4

Attack on Titan Drop #1

  • Eren Yeager's "War Hammer Titan" Coffee Roast
  • Inspired by Season 4 AOT
  • Rwandan Single Origin
  • Small Batch Medium Roast
  • Wild Flavor Profile:
    • Nutty Body
    • Subtle Fruit Sweetness
    • Aromatic, Citric Notes
  • Roasted and Ground-to-Order for Drip/Pot

"On the other side of the sea... is freedom.

That's what I always believed.

But I was wrong.

On the other side of the sea..

are enemies.

Hey.. If we kill all our enemies.. over there.. will we finally.. be free?"

- 12 oz. (~24 servings) Bag

- Pre-Ground for Standard Coffee Pot (can work in reusable pods)

- All Orders Roasted & Shipped Fresh at End of February

- Medium Roast Rwandan Single-Origin Coffee

- Reserve Your Coffee by Placing Pre-Order On This Page

- *Shipping Included*


"I'm the same as you. I don't have a choice." {Sips Coffee}


"No! You're wrong Eren... It's all my fault. I wanted to be a hero!"


Then... "I guess you didn't have a choice, did you?"


"..." {Sips Coffee}


"...I've crossed that ocean, slept under the same roof as my enemy, and eaten the same food as my enemy." Reiner, we both rise and make coffee every morning, feigning a blind, passionate ignorance towards the consequences of our own history that we subsist in today.

We're the same. We both will never stop.


"I can't take it anymore." Eren..

Coffee is the only inconsequential piece of life I have, Eren. I know that, every time I wake up, I have the ability to craft a cup for myself.

Experiencing another culture through this beverage removes any angst I have towards the day that lies ahead, as it reminds me that I am a small piece of a large, connected world. Culture is imbued in every cup I drink. The art of making it, the smell of grinding it, the essence of consuming it.. It's my discipline.

Every day, I can devote myself... don't you get it, Eren? No matter how I feel at any point, I know that this discipline, whether performed tomorrow, next week, or later today, reminds me that I am not alone in this divided fight.


Then keep our similarities, heroic or seemingly mundane, in mind. We both want to save the world.. We both carry that same torch. You know it's a timeless burden, Reiner.

As you said, it's all we can do to make that coffee in the morning, knowing tomorrow holds the future.

"I will keep moving forward..."



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