Shopify Coffee Class #2 ❤️ *with Coffee Shipped*

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Hey @Shopify_Friends! Are you ready to brew a barista-level beverage from home with us?

With help from Lisa and Amanda (❤️ shoutout), Julian and Lorenzo from are excited to partner with Pirates of Coffee to deliver this fun, educational, and tasty workshop for you all.

We will teach about what makes farmer-friendly specialty coffee tasty and sustainable, go over a few brewing tips & tricks, craft a barista-level beverage, show you how to replicate the recipe from home, include a short game given adequate time remaining, and end with some coffee Q&A!

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Ticket Options:

- Select $55 "Coffee Ticket" option if you would like a roasted-to-order, premium, farmer-friendly 12oz. coffee bag shipped to you. Options include Whole Beans and Ground Medium For Drip (Coffee Pot / Reusable Keurig Cup okay). Please put in your address and email.

- ** Select $55 "Pay it Forward / Gift" option if you would like to buy a friend's ticket and coffee bag for them on their behalf (please input *their address and email- see note*). Options include Whole Beans and Ground Medium For Drip (Coffee Pot / Reusable Keurig Cup okay). See Note*

*Note: If you wish to buy a ticket for yourself and buy a ticket for your friend(s), you will need to buy each ticket separately and input the relevant, correct address and email for all purchases. Coffee option for this event is only available in Canada and the U.S.

Please email any questions to and I will get back to you as soon as possible, typically within 3 hours.

Please input the relevant address in either option. We may also be sending freebies after the event regardless of your ticket option! 🚀👌🥳

We are excited to see you!!