introducing E&J's Coffee Experience Kit 🎁

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🎉 We are your personal barista team for Dalgona Coffee, Avocado LattesHealthy Mochas, Cold Brews, Beet Lattes~ new recipe each month.  🎉

    ~We ship you the goods🎁

    ~Our barista teaches you 1-on-1🧑🏻‍🏫

    ~You show off on IG/TikTok/Zoom Dates😉

    (& support small biz)!❤️

    Get 2020 really brewin'


    In each kit, discover:

    🥑 a new, specialized recipe, often with ingredients from small biz partners.
    🤳🏼 an exclusive, live workshop🎉with a barista plus a how-to video.
    🧑🏽‍🍳 a barista to answer questions via our team's phone number!



    🎁Reserve Your Experience Kit!🎁

    -Check out to pre-order the coffee experience of the month-

    This month: (coming soon, take a guess)!


    1. Korean Instant Coffee
    2. Set of Two 5 inch. Whisks
    3. Sweetener
    4. Optional Milk Frother
    5. Optional French Press

    -We'll be shipping pre-sale orders starting July 19th. Price includes Shipping :)
    (includes an extra somethin' sweet for ordering ahead 🔥)



    Our goal is to gift you something delicious and #trendy each month 🔥



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    5% of kit sales donated to mask production for responders.

    P.S.: you'll also join our vibrant community, where members share recipes, photos, videos, and coffee experiences. Receive first look at discounts/merch 😃👋🏽


    Are you a foodie, creator, barista, or restaurant owner who would like to contribute a recipe/product to our kits/workshops?

    Email if you think your recipe/ingredient/tool/creation would fit our coffee experiences!


    ...this will def help your Insta fame, don't even trip pal 🤙






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    *covid-19 situational awareness: during this trying time, we want to make sure our kits are delivered with as little contact as possible. Thus, we are shipping ingredients & tools straight from our partners' storefronts to de-risk any unnecessary contact. Think this experience sounds fun even with this limitation? JUST WAIT until it's safer to truly gift you our best unwrapping experience yet. Btw, we sell/ship to the contiguous U.S except AZ (sorry, weird tax rules)

    *lactose-intolerant, gluten-intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free, other dietary quality? let us know in your order 👌🏽