JoJo's Bizarre Coffee Drop #1

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventures~

JoJo's Bizarre Coffee, Drop #1 :

  • Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum Coffee
    • Single-Origin, Ethiopian Medium Roast
      • Bold Milk Chocolate
      • Subtle Fruit Sweetness
      • Smooth Finish

Jotaro Kujo: "Yare Yare Daze...

This coffee is so bold, it could be its own Stand. In fact, if I had more of this.. I could use it to help remove Dio's existence for good.

The flavor is outlandish and bold, but smooth, much like my Stand's style. I'm done wasting my breath; just try it- then you'll understand."

-12 oz. (~24 servings)

-Pre-Ground for Standard Coffee Pot (can work in reusable pods)

-All Orders Shipped Same Day (Roasted to Order for Freshness)

-Medium Roast Ethiopian Single-Origin Coffee

-Shipping Fee Included*

-All Pre-Orders Fulfilled December 16th > 30th (Start 2021 Right:)

-Reserve your Star Platinum Coffee by placing pre-orders on this page

-*10 Bags Left*


Jotaro Kujo: "You're about to ask: 'Why is it $24.00??'"

You: "Why is it $24.00?? .... WAIT, you just guessed I would say that??"

Jotaro Kujo: "Yare yare daze.

It's higher quality coffee than what you'll find at a café chain or grocery store chain and because shipping is included in the price.

Single-origin coffee is typically higher quality and tends to offer a more fair price to the farmer who produced the coffee beans at the beginning.

Trust me... you don't want to mess with a farmer's Stand.

Grab this coffee while it's available.

If you miss out... It's just such an unsavory thing to do."

You: "Will you do the Ora Ora Ora thing if I buy some?"

Jotaro Kujo: *tilts cap down*

*YES Yes yes YeS yeS*


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