E&Js Coffee Signature Espresso Roast

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E&Js Coffee Presents:

E&Js Espresso Roast Coffee

An in-house blend of 2 of our Single-Origin coffees, this is E&Js signature take on an espresso roast. Our espresso roast is a customer favorite. This coffee will offer you the espresso strength you crave while giving you a few slightly sweet chocolatey notes along the way. This is Julian's go-to if he's craving a darker roast flavor. He even will use this in a French Press (such craziness, right?).

  • 2 Single-Origins, Direct-Trade (Farmer-Friendly)
  • Not telling you which of our single-origins we used for this ;)
  • Flavor Profile: Bittersweet Chocolate, Strong Middle, Satisfying Finish
  • Full espresso flavor that hits you with some sweet notes to bring a strong but slightly sweet espresso cup of coffee.
  • Offered as:
    • Whole Beans
    • Ground Medium
  • Orders are generally roasted & shipped once per week. 
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