E&Js Coffee Signature *Decaf* Colombia Dark Roast

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E&Js Coffee Presents:

E&Js Decaf Colombia Dark Roast Coffee

We use our Colombia Huila coffee to craft this SWP (chemical-free process) Decaf Dark Roast. Julian cannot have caffeine late at night and this is his favorite decaf roast to enjoy late at night and offer to friends. It is a darker roast, so be prepared to have the strong dark roast flavors you're looking for while still being able to sleep at night!

  • Single-Origin, Direct-Trade (Farmer-Friendly)
  • Colombia Huila Dark Roast
  • Altitude: 1700 meters above sea level (masl)
  • Process: SWP (no chemicals used)
  • Flavor Profile: Bold Roast, Roasted Dark Chocolate, Almond Notes
  • Bold, Dark Roast Flavor with a subtle bittersweet chocolate middle.
  • Offered as:
    • Whole Beans
    • Ground Medium
  • Orders are generally roasted & shipped once per week. 
  • Shipping Included

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