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Attack on Titan War Hammer Coffee

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Attack on Titan

War Hammer Titan

Rwanda Coffee Roast

Inspired by AOT S4.


does it have Zeke's spinal fluid in it?

Original War Hammer Titan Coffee Roast:

Rwanda Single-Origin Medium Roast

Flavor Profile:

- Smooth Chocolate Notes

- Subtle Nutty Body

- Extremely Smooth Finish

- Low Acidity, Low Bitterness

12oz. ~24 Servings of Specialty, Small-Batch Coffee

Offered as Whole Beans or Ground Medium

Roasted Small-Batch Immediately Prior to Shipment

Fresh, Farmer-Friendly Coffee Makes a Difference

*Shipping Included in Price πŸ‘

Celebrate the tumultuous, wild, harsh, slightly unbearable end of S4, and keep your energy high with our original AOT-inspired Coffee Drop.

About this roast:

We roast every order fresh immediately prior to shipment.

Orders are roasted fresh per customer and shipped Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Single-Origin, Direct-Trade coffee represents a closer and fair relationship with the farmer, the labor hired to cultivate the coffee trees, and the process involved in importing this coffee to the U.S.Β These efforts naturally incur relatively higher costs and reflect those costs in the higher quality of each cup you will enjoy.

We are so excited to share our passion with you through specialty, small-batch coffee that supports sustainable coffee practices. DM any questions, support, ideas, or collabs to @eandjscoffee!