Dio Brando "The World" Coffee from Andrew

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventures~

Dio Brando's Roast | Drop #2:

  • Dio's "The World" Coffee
    • Single-Origin, Guatemalan Medium Roast
      • Sweet Chocolatey Flavor Hints
      • Subtle Tang of Fruity Sweetness
      • Citric Finish

Dio Brando: "How many breads have you eaten in your life?...

I've drank quite a bit of coffee in my time. I love wine, but coffee... just hits different, and is definitely not useless.

I enjoy showing the entire lineage of Joestars *cough* Loserstars *cough*  just how useless they are against me. A flavorful medium roast seems to make za Warudo last a few extra seconds, so I drink quite a bit..

The flavor is wild, precise, and strong. Should I remind you how my Stand is stronger, faster, and more precise than Star Platinum?

It was me, Dio, who perfected this roast- it gives me the energy I need to stay alive another day."

-12 oz. (~24 servings)

-Pre-Ground for Standard Coffee Pot (can work in reusable pods)

-All Orders Roasted Fresh & Shipped Every 2 Weeks

-Medium Roast Guatemalan Single-Origin Coffee

-Shipping Included*

-*Limited quantity available*

-p.s.: this is Andrew's referral page. you can thank Andrew for spreading the goodness (the evil goodness) that is DIO BRANDO.. and high-quality coffee! Andrew's favorite jjba character is Rohan Kishibe from Part 4 and favorite anime at the moment is.. ONE PIECE. Follow Andrew on Instagram here and twitter here. Andrew has dope hair. Thank you! ✌️


Dio: "Don't question my coffee habits! Just know it's worth my time, and I have a LOT of time on my hands, so I know my coffee well.

You: "Why is it $24.00?? .... Wait, shoot, I wasn't supposed to ask anything..."

Jotaro Kujo: "Yare yare daze."

Dio: "JoJo???!?!?!?!?!?!"

Jotaro: "Yeah, it's higher quality coffee than what you'll typically find at a commercial grocery store or café.

Single-origin coffee is typically higher quality as well, and tends to offer a more fair price to the farmer who produced the coffee beans at the beginning.

Trust me... you don't want to mess with a farmer's Stand.

Grab this coffee while it's available.

If you miss out... It's just such an unsavory thing to do."

Dio: "Oh, so you're approaching me?"

Jotaro Kujo: *tilts cap down*

*YES Yes yes YeS yeS*



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Inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventures