Experiential e-Commerce: the Future of Retail 🔥

Pop-Up IRL


Virtual Café Experience

Valencia St., San Francisco👇🏽:


(Dalgona video coming soon)

Calling all Roasters🔊

Vibrantry.com performs virtual and real-life pop-up experiences as a service for retailers.

  1. Gather feedback from an audience you'd like to reach, and save $$ in the process. (Digital + IRL)

  2. Receive testimonial review video content straight from potential customers. (Digital + IRL)

  3. Have a much higher "click-through rate" on your marketing, signing up 50%+ and converting far more subscribers than through digital ads. (Digital + IRL)

  4. Sell your products on the spot in a location you would not have accessed otherwise. (IRL-specific)

  5. It's expensive to open a new location. Let us help you evaluate the market beforehand. (IRL-specific)

We've talked to quite a few roasters of different capacities, and we get it:

It's not easy to manage growing a coffee practice.

You definitely don't want to spread marketing dollars too thin, don't want to expand too quickly, and don't want to invest without a sense of return.

We've answered these questions:

  • Let us perform for your audience, or our own, online only for now (covid). 
  • Sell product QVC-style 🔥
  • Capture a marketer's dream: authentic, valuable consumer feedback in the form of natural, consumer-friendly short-form video 👀

Book your Pilot today.


Email hi@vibrantry.com or text/leave voicemail at 805-666-2289 & we'll give more detail.