Peru Chasqui Organic | Light Roast

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Peruvian, organic light roast coffees.

flavorful, fruity, superb.

Enjoy our lighthearted taste review 🔥 😊

Our Organic Chasqui coffee is a collection from around Peru that, like its namesake, is the best of the best. Coffee cherries were harvested from June through October. The cherries were machine cleaned and processed. After the coffee was dried, it was sorted by color and density to ensure that only the best beans remained. 

Geographically, the Center Regions used to be the largest in terms of coffee volume, but that dropped dramatically after the leaf rust crisis in 2013. Since the crisis, San Martín and Cajamarca have been expanding again in both productivity and new planted areas.

The Chasquis were the messengers of the Inca empire, the fittest and most highly trained individuals, the best of the best. They would not only run messages across great distances and topographies, but could also read and translate, all while helping keep order.

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Brown Spice, Green Apple, Lemon

Elevation: 1200-1500 meters

Roasting Schedule:

All coffee is roasted-to-order on a per-order basis in small batches to optimize for freshness ☕

Batches are roasted fresh Monday / Wednesday, and shipped Tuesday / Thursday each week to contiguous U.S. excl. Arizona (sorry, weird rules)

  • our roasters roast and ship on separate days so that freshness has the same high standard whenever you order
  • questions? text (805)-666-2289 

    How many bags should I buy?

    • 12 oz. bag can make 24 cups of coffee, depending on strength preference.
    • If you drink strong coffee daily, two 12 oz. bags per month likely works.