Colombia El Puente Natural | Light Roast

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Colombian light roast coffees.

sweet, spice, everything nice.

El Puente is named for the footbridge over the river near the new El Puente processing facility. This facility processes coffee from Aromas del Sur farms in the Palestina region of southern Huila. Rodrigo Sanchez and his family produce coffee on their farms and deliver it to El Puente, which is designed to handle larger volumes of coffee than the mills on individual farms can process.

Coffee from El Puente is Natural-processed; the cherries are placed in a large parabolic dryer covered with shade fabric to regulate the temperature.

El Puente is a pilot project that is supported by community investment in sustainable development of rural areas.

Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Plum, Red Apple, Cinnamon, Caramel, Chocolate

Elevation: 1800 meters

Roasting Schedule:

All coffee is roasted-to-order on a per-order basis in small batches to optimize for freshness ☕

Batches are roasted fresh Monday / Wednesday, and shipped Tuesday / Thursday each week to contiguous U.S. excl. Arizona (sorry, weird rules)

  • our roasters roast and ship on separate days so that freshness has the same high standard whenever you order
  • questions? text (805)-666-2289 

    How many bags should I buy?

    • 12 oz. bag can make 24 cups of coffee, depending on strength preference.
    • If you drink strong coffee daily, two 12 oz. bags per month likely works.