Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Weeb?


"On behalf of the Moon, I will punish you!"

Happen to need a new mug, bag, dad hat, oversized t-shirt, or tumbler? 

Naoko Takeuchi is quite the artist.

So is Lorenzo, our Lead Designer who created this graphic.

Even if you don't need a new thing, we know you'll love our handmade designs we bring to life. We will even put your name on it! Gift your weeb friends.

Shoutout to Luis.

He was our first Sailor Moon mug customer on our semi-weekly Coffee Show!

"The series follows the adventures of the protagonist Usagi Tsukino, a middle school student who is given the power to become the titular Sailor Soldier. Joined by other Sailor Soldiers, they defend Earth against an assortment of evil villains. The anime also parallels the maturation of Usagi from an emotional middle school girl to a responsible young adult. Due to the success of the anime in the United States, the manga comprising its story was released by Tokyopop. Sailor Moon's popularity has spawned numerous releases which have come to represent most of the content in the Sailor Moon universe, including 3 films, 39 video games, and numerous soundtracks stemming from this material. A second animated adaptation, Sailor Moon Crystal, began streaming worldwide from July 2014 onwards."

Manifest your favorite manga and anime characters onto your mornings, afternoons, evenings, and 3 a.m. binges. Time is relative; anime is life.
Btw, if you like ❤️ this design and want it by itself or on some other physical object that we can explore the interwebs for, let us know! Julian will call Lorenzo in at 2:35 a.m. to make your binge desire a reality.
hi or text 805-666-2289 what you'd like.
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