Donnell Rawlings Guatemalan Medium Specialty Roast Ground for Drip/Pot

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Who Up? 

We Up!

Donnell Rawlings Debut
Specialty Coffee Drop.

Do you have 25 pounds of MJ on you, like David Deery, and need something to give you a wake-up call?

Do you want to be up with Donnell on his morning lnstagram livestreams?

Maybe you just like good coffee and want to support your favorite comedian.

Vibrantry E&J's Coffee Presents:

Donnell Rawlings Official

Who Up? We Up! Coffee

Guatemalan Single-Origin 12oz. Medium Roast

Direct-Trade || Small-Batch

  • Region: San Vicente Pacaya
  • Altitude: 1500 to 1900 meters above sea level (masl)
  • The Pacaya Volcano has been quite an active volcano for ~500 years
  • The Perea and Ramirez family farms produce San Vicente Pacaya coffee
  • Direct Trade, Small-Batch, Roasted-to-Order
  • *All Orders Roasted & Ground Immediately Prior to Shipment
  • Shipped Weekly; Ground Medium for Drip/Coffee Pot
  • Works with Reusable Keurig Cups*
  • 12oz. ~24 Servings Ground for Drip Coffee
  • Roasted & Ground Fresh Per-Order to Preserve Quality & Freshness
  • Limited Quantity Available
  • Wake Up to Amazing, High-Quality, Fresh Coffee from Your Favorite Comedian, Donnell Rawlings, a.k.a. THE River Ninja. 🤠

    All Orders Placed Will Be Roasted & Ground Immediately Prior to Weekly Shipment. We Only Roast High-Quality, Farmer-Friendly, Sustainably-Sourced, Fresh Coffee. Order Your Coffee & Support Donnell, our Small Business, and our Farmer Partners.

    Don't like coffee? Buy for a friend, fan of Donnell, loved one- maybe your friend is secretly a comedy fan and you want to surprise them 🤯


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