@BlackNaruto Lightning Roast

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Lightning Coffee Roast ☕️

Inspired by BlackNaruto's Kakashi.


have you seen BlackNaruto's

videos though? (2.7m+ views)

@BlackNaruto's Specialty Coffee Debut:

Tanzania Mbinga Single-Origin Light Roast Coffee:

Flavor Profile:

- Tangy, Blackberry/Kiwi-Sweet Beginning

- Light Milk Chocolate, Sweet Subtle Molasses, Caramel, Cedar Notes

- Delicious Citric Finish

- Process: Washed

- Altitude: 1500 to 1700 masl (meters above sea level)

12oz. (~20 Servings) of Specialty, Small-Batch Coffee

Available as:

- Whole Beans

- Ground Medium-Fine for Drip/ Coffee Pot

*Medium Grind Works with Coffee Pot, French Press, Aero Press, Reusable Keurig/Nespresso Cups, Pour-Over*

Roasted & Shipped Fresh within 48 Hours of Roasting

Fresh, Farmer-Friendly Coffee Makes a Difference

*Shipping Included in Price 👍

Support one of your favorite cosplayers and a sustainable small coffee business at the same time.

Code: " blacknarutofriend " 😉 at checkout for an automatic discount, just for visiting our page. we appreciate you.  *

"Those who break the rules are scum.

That's true. BUT:

Those who abandon their friends are worse than scum."

About this roast:

Did you know that Japan imports the highest quantity of Tanzanian coffee by far? Japan imports more than Italy (2nd highest) and the U.S. (3rd highest) combined. A very large amount of Tanzanian coffee production is held in the hands of small producers who focus on the quality of their craft. African countries are well-known for their amazing, naturally sweet, fruit-bodied coffee. If you love good, strong coffee, you'll love this roast. We roast and grind every order fresh immediately prior to shipment.

*Coffee is shipped out each Wednesday.

Single-Origin, Direct-Trade coffee represents a closer and fair relationship with the farmer, the labor hired to cultivate the coffee trees, and the process involved in importing this coffee to the U.S. These efforts naturally incur relatively higher costs and reflect those costs in the higher quality of each cup you will enjoy.

Q&A with Victor:

Q: What are your favorite anime/manga?

A: My top 2 favorite anime series are Naruto and One piece. I do not actually have any favorite manga!

Q: What's your favorite video you've created from everything you've done?

A: This one! 🏀🏀🏀

Q: What made you get into anime cosplay and production?

A: I wanted to do Kakashi because I had an amazing visual in my head that I really wanted to bring to life!

Q: What are you watching??

A: Right now I am currently watching an underground anime called Chain Chronicle and I just finished High-rise invasion!

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