Valentine's Day History

Valentine's Day 2020.

Let's get a quick synopsis of where this holiday came from.

....Rome. The Eternal City. Capital of the World. 

Rome is also potentially (not 100% confirmed by majority of historians) the source of Valentine's Day.

"Emperor Claudius II executed two men — both named Valentine — on Feb. 14 of different years in the 3rd century A.D. Their martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine's Day" (npr).

Valentine Execution

 < This photo is a depiction of the two executions. 



Real Life Tinder... on steroids.

These executions took place inside of Lupercalia, a festival held from February 13th to 15th.

Folks would allegedly sacrifice animals and whip women with the hides, the idea being that whipping increased fertility.




What? The Romans celebrated a festival called Lupercalia, where they essentially would go nuts. Men would pull women's name out of a lottery. People would get coupled together for the duration of the festival from February 13th to 15th based on this lottery system.

This is likely where the lovey-dovey ideas come from. A lottery system after sacrifices and whipping paved the way for a 2-day festival where arranged couples would give love a shot!

Galatin's Day, or "lover of women" day, loosely translated, was also celebrated around the same time. At some point after the executions of the Valentine men, it was confused with the day the Catholic Church would remember the Valentines' executions, again taking place in the middle of the Lupercalia festival.

Now you've got Lupercalia, where a lottery system arranges dates, Galatin's Day where women are celebrated, and the February 14th date remembering the executions. 

Combine them all, and you've got Valentine's Day....

Let us know how we can make your 14th special and energized... hopefully without sacrifices 😬.

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